Frog Lake Chief & Council

Band members grant power to an elected Chief and Council, which form the political arm for Frog Lake First Nations, to govern the land and property of the membership. Chief and Council deal with governance and policy issues in the community. Supported by the administrative function, the Chief and Councilís responsibilities include program and service delivery, financial management, policy development, and planning and control systems. They negotiate with the federal government and work to increase federal funding and bring new money and programs into the community.

Clifford Stanley - Chief - 780-614-3811
Terry Moyah - Councilor - 780-614-7857
Colin Quinney - Councilor - 780-614-5833
Theresa Wade - Councilor - 780-227-1362
Angeline Berland - Councilor - 780-227-3170
Greg Desjarlais - Councilor - 780-227-2774

Fax: 780-943-2671

Support Staff:

Greg Carter - Band Manager -
Sheila J. Quinney - Chief's Secretary -
Joanne Saddleback - Council's Secretary -
Joy Waskahat - Human Resources Officer -

The Chief and Council invite you to make yourself heard.

Chief and Council want to know what you think. You are always welcome to speak directly to your elected representatives. You can reach the Chief or any councilor through the band office at 780-943-3739

Your Opinion Counts!

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