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Frog Lake First Nation Elections Appeals 2023

Our Nation, Our Choice, Our Traditions, Our Future.

Possible reasons (but not limited to) someone may ask for appeal 


  • You disagree with a decision made by the electoral officer, such as candidacy or voter eligibility 

  • You believe the election was not held according to the rules laid out in the Frog Lake  First Nation Election Code 

  • A candidate's actions are notably against the code of conduct and have made a material impact on the outcome of the election 

Appellants will be asked to provide the following to prevent frivolous applications and ensure integrity:

  • Grounds of the appeal

  • Evidence to support said grounds

  • An application fee

  • Notarization by a Public Notary or Commissioner of Oaths 

Upon receipt of an application, the chair will confirm receipt, review, and decide if an appeal hearing should be held.

Appeal applications must be submitted directly in person or via email to the Clerk of the Election Appeals Committee

Glenna Walker    
Phone:  (780) 943 3737

General Delivery Frog Lake, Alberta T01A 1M0


Linda Potts

Doris Okanee
Elaine Carter

Tanner Stanley


Chair of Appeals Committee CONTACT:

The Frog Lake First Nations Election Appeals Committee is the body which reviews on electoral disputes and decisions made by election officials on a complaint basis. 


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