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Frog Lake First Nation Election Code Referendum Vote

November 5-12,2022

Our Nation, Our Choice, Our Traditions, Our Future.

Starting November 5,2022 at 9 AM You can vote online via Onefeather Website by clicking the blue button below 
and then Click on the “Vote with OneFeather” [red box] and follow instructions.
Online Voting  Ends November 12,2022 at 8 PM
You will be asked to provide your Band Registry Number (Status Card, starts with 465), date of birth, and your personal email address. 

Why a new Election Code?

Members expressed a desire for a better election experience, more control over how elected Chief and Council are chosen, and a stronger say in how election disputes are solved.

Frog Lake First Nations is the last nation in Alberta still using rules found in the Indian Act. Adopting the Frog Lake First Nations Election Code will strengthen nation sovereignty by taking back control of our elections from Canada.

The proposed code will simplify candidate selection, reduce negativity, and ensure capable dedicated leaders are elected to Council.

How was it created?

Over the last year, a series of focus groups, band meetings, surveys and conversations occurred with Members, Elders, Knowledge Holders and Youth of Frog Lake First Nations. A wide variety of viewpoints were heard and these conversations were used to inform the proposed changes.

If we approve it, can we change it later?

Yes. It belongs to Frog Lake First Nation. Any portion of this election code can be modified in the future. A referendum to approve amendments can be initiated by either members or council.

How would our elections change?

If the majority of members vote “Yes” the following changes would occur for elections starting in 2023:

  • Fewer, shorter election

4 year terms

28 day campaigns

  • Elders would resolve election disputes as members of the Election Appeal Committee

  • Candidate requirements

    • Criminal Record Check

    • Child Welfare Check

    • Code of Conduct

    • Candidacy Fees

      • $1,000 for Chief

      • $500 for Council

  • Candidates can only run for one office. Chief or Council, not both.

  • Council cannot sign new contracts, offer jobs, fire staff or provide financial assistance using Nation resources during the election period.

  • Members may only nominate or second

1 Chief, and

 6 Councilors

  • Members may vote by advance polls and electronic voting

  • Election information and voting will be available in Cree

  • Process to remove sitting Council members for:

Drug/Alcohol Abuse

Chronic Absence

Frog Lake 22 - Notice of Ratification Final.png
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