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(2x) Volunteer Economic Development Board Members

Frog Lake, AB, Canada

Job Type


About the Role

Term of Governing Board Members
Members of the Governing Board shall serve a term no less than 2 years but no greater than 3 years at which time that seat becomes vacant on or around the day of induction to the Governing board.
*Late Applications will not be accepted & only those contacted will be interviewed*

Please submit a resume, criminal record check and Child & Family Record check to Holly Moyah ( or William Quinney ( at the administration office or via email

For more information contact
William Quinney, Director of Operations

Frog Lake First Nations

General Delivery

Frog Lake, Alberta T0A-1M0

Phone: (780) 943-3737 Fax: (780) 943-3966


To be eligible to be a voting Governing Board Member, a candidate must be:

  • Frog Lake First Nations’ Member (5 positions) who is not an elected official or Senior Administrator of the FLFNS’ or the CEO of the FLFNS’; corporate entity, must be the age of majority, and is a Member in good standing and 2 (non members) with the same restriction and who have no business with Frog Lake First Nations.

  • Provide a criminal record check from the RCMP and CYIM check from the Child & Family Services.

  • Frog Lake First Nations’ Members, who are full-time employees in any aspect of the Economic Development Programs, may not be appointed to sit on the Economic Development Governing Board unless they first resign or seek a leave of absence from their position. Governing Board Members likewise must resign prior to seeking employment with the Economic Development Program.

  • Chief & Council shall attempt to have maximum representation from the Frog Lake First Nation Members on FLFNS’ Governing Board and the Economic Development Director will accept applications for the Governing Board when there is a vacant position, whereas the Economic Development staff will post the open Board positions.

  • Selection process shall be through the Governing board application process to the Governing Board.

  • If any misconduct (i.e. chronic interference of day to day operations, violations or conflict of interest, etc.) is proven against an Governing Board member, as outlined in the Confidentially Agreement he/she will be terminated by a motion by the board after a formal review is conducted by the board as well as any external assistance accepted to assist in the process.

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